There comes a time…

There comes a time in everyones life, well maybe just in the life of millennial, when you are sitting at your work desk thinking “Is this really my sole purpose in life? To be a cog in the corporate machine?”.

Well that time definitely came in my life, in fact, only a mere number of weeks ago. The idea of working for a government department honestly never crossed my mind. My goal was to open a little bakery in small town New Zealand, I mean that’s why I did my diploma in baking and patisserie. The political science degree in my back pocket was not having that unfortunately, no, I would go and enter into a proper office career and make enough money to be able to afford to live in Auckland. Fun fact, I will never be able to afford to live in Auckland. There are not enough organs in my body to sell on the black market to gain the money I need to be able to purchase property in this city.

So back to the present. I find myself nearly a year and a half into working for the government and if I could give advice to the me of a year ago, who was going through numerous tests and surveys in applying for his current job, it would be “don’t”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have met some amazing people and have leant my way around Outlook like you would not believe, but I am my father’s son, my feet have become itchy and I’m dying for something new.

Which is where this blog comes into play (sorry it took a while to get to this point). Come July, I am resigning from my job and heading 11,300 mile away to the motherland which is Great Britain. Where I end up in the UK is something which is for the higher beings to decide. Basically I have no long term plan whatsoever and I’m just going to wing it. However, my short term plan is to hop on the cheapest flights I can find to anywhere in Europe and eat my way way through the continent. With that, I am going to need help and suggestions on where to drag my backpack to and where to sit and devour numerous pastries and baked goods.

Of course, this blog wont just be about the cause of my inevitable weight gain, but also about the inspiration I gain from these cities/towns/bakeries with which I can develop my own recipes, hell maybe a book one day… We will see… Probably self-published…


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