Caramelised Onion and Tomato Chutney

So thanksgiving is upon us, and that means pumpkin pie season is in full swing. Now, I am not American but I vividly remember the first time I had pumpkin pie whilst on a trip to New York with my best friend. Unfortunately I could not find any decent pumpkins around where I live, and I just generally ran out of time to make it this week like I had planned. Thankfully I still have a couple of weeks to get it into the oven.

While I was throwing a sad over not being able to find some decent pumpkins, I did have the time to dive into my stack of recipes and discovered my Caramelised Onion and Tomato Chutney recipe, hidden away in folder within folder… within folder on my computer. Obviously one of my old attempts at cleaning up my files so it appears that I am the neat person, which clearly I am not.

I love this chutney, it has a big hit of that familiar caramelised onion taste, but then the flavour of the tomatoes come through and the duo just make a great flavour combination. It is so easy to change it up as well, want it spicy? Add some chillies!

I made plenty and made sure to can it, which has made me discover a love of canning that I never knew I had. I had heard so many horror stories from family, and watched a few batches of Mum’s spaghetti go bad, so I had just never really taken the leap with it. But I can safely say that canning might be my next favourite thing to do. On comes the copious amount of chutney, jams, and pickles!

So while there is no pumpkin pie like I had intended (did you forget that we started with that story, because I did), there is delicious chutney that is great with cheese, Fig and Walnut Loaf and even on top of Salmon and Fig Quiche!

Caramelised Onion and Tomato Chutney


200g Red Onion, finely sliced

200g White Onion, finely sliced

600g Tomato, chopped

6 Garlic Cloves, chopped

200g Dark Brown Sugar

175ml Balsamic Vinegar

2 tsp Salt


  • Place all the ingredients in a heavy-based pot and place over a medium heat.
  • Bring the mixture to the boil and reduce to a simmer. Simmer on a medium-low heat for 40 minutes, stir the mixture frequently to prevent burning.
  • Bring back to a boil and cook until the chutney has thickened.
  • Once thickened, remove from heat and let cool.




2 thoughts

    1. Hi Sarah, so sorry for the late reply! If canned into a sterilised jar, this will keep for about 4 months unopened. Otherwise, this will keep for about two weeks in the fridge. Or if you’re like me, abut 3 days before I’ve eaten it all!


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