Falling In Love With Prague

Pulling into Praha Hl. N., I knew I had instantly fallen in love with the city. In fact, it would soon discover that not only was I in love with Prague, I was completely infatuated with it and would do anything for her. Never had I seen such a beautiful city, steeped in so much fascinating history.

Getting to Prague is a breeze. Its airport connects it with all major cities, or if you are like me and on a budget, it’s easy enough to jump on a train or bus from a range of other European cities. €20 and a 4-hour trip later, I had arrived from Berlin. After finding my way through the train station, I head off to my hostel, remember, I have no data on my phone at this point as per the thieving incident in Berlin, so I back to reading Google Maps the old school way. (Turns out I could have caught a tram and a metro to my hostel, but then I would have missed the city sights). And by George, hostel? More like palace compared to my hostel in Berlin, and unbeknown to me, a grand palace compared to Bratislava.


Prague Castle from Charles Bridge

All checked in, showered and essential nap taken, it was time to head back out into this new city, off to meet the Berlin squad, who had also come to Prague, for dinner. We met in Prague 1 at Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro, where I dived into one of the best burgers that I have ever had. Seriously, check out the Japaleno burger, it’s a bit on the pricey side at CZK248 (roughly US$12.50) but hey it is Prague 1, so everything is pricey. The place was busy so there was a small wait but they have a cute little waiting room out the back where you can also get appetisers to tie you over. A lot of beer, and some Jägerbombs later and we found ourselves at Crossclub in Prague 7. Expect super industrial. We then moved onto Karlovy lázně, a 5 level club that we had been told to avoid because it’s touristy. But I mean, a 5 level club? We had to check it out! Each floor is a different genre, EDM, Hip Hop, Retro etc. etc. We arrived around 12.30 and next thing we knew it was 4am. After walking back to the squad’s hostel and parting ways, I made the small trek back to my own. I have to say; I have never felt safer walking alone in a city in the early hours of the morning.


The thigh killing steps up to Prague Castle

The following day was spent on an amazing free walking tour, and a tonne of history was forced into my brain. This ranged from the defenestration of Prague, its time as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire to Hitler’s plan to make it capital of his own new empire. Heading up to the castle, we saw the window where the second defenestration occurred, which really put things into perspective. Located next to the castle is Letna Park, here you will find a mint beer garden, and amazing views of Prague.


Prague from Letna Park

When it comes to eating out, I would definitely recommended heading away from the main tourists areas and into places such as Prague 3, CZK32 beers, great good for CZK150, and you’ll be surrounded by locals, all speaking Czech. And make sure to try out the pickled cheese, A+.

Getting around Prague is a breeze, with a cheap and easy to use metro that runs from 5am – midnight, and an extensive tram network, with night trams to get you home after the bars.


A de-babied Zizkov Tower

Prague has definitely taken my heart, so much so that I have started a TEFL course, just so I can go back there, make it my home and teach English. Until next time Prague.



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